Chest Sizes
SMALL TO FIT CHEST UP TO 94 CM UP TO 37"inch EUROPE 2 14.5"inch neck 37cm neck Length
MEDIUM TO FIT CHEST 97-102 CM 38-40"inch EUROPE 3 15.5"inch neck 39cm neck Length
LARGE TO FIT CHEST 104-109 CM 41-43"inch EUROPE 4 16.5"inch neck 42cm neck Length
X-LARGE TO FIT CHEST 112-117 CM 44-46"inch EUROPE 5 17.5"inch neck 44cm neck Length
2XL TO FIT CHEST 117-122 CM 46-50"inch EUROPE 6 18.5"inch neck 47cm neck Length 33"
3XL TO FIT CHEST 127-132 CM 52-56"inch EUROPE 7 19.5"inch neck 50cm neck Length 34"
4XL TO FIT CHEST 137-142 CM 56-60"inch EUROPE 8 20"inch neck 52cm neck Length 35"
5XL TO FIT CHEST 147-152 CM 60-64"inch EUROPE 9 21"inch neck 55cm neck Length 36"
6XL TO FIT CHEST 158-163 CM 64-66"inch EUROPE 10 22"inch neck 57cm neck Length 38"
7XL TO FIT CHEST 168-173CM 66-68"inch EUROPE 11 23"inch neck 59cm neck Length 38"
8XL TO FIT CHEST 178-183CM 70-72"inch EUROPE 12 24"inch neck 61cm neck Length 39"
Waist Sizes
SMALL TO FIT WAIST 76-81 CM 30-32"inch EUROPE 2 S
MEDIUM TO FIT WAIST 84-89 CM 33-35"inch EUROPE 3 M
LARGE TO FIT WAIST 92-99 CM 36-39"inch EUROPE 4 L
X-LARGE TO FIT WAIST 102-107 CM 40-42"inch EUROPE 5 XL
2XL TO FIT WAIST 109-117 CM 43-46"inch EUROPE 6 2XL
3XL TO FIT WAIST 119-127 CM 47-50"inch EUROPE 7 3XL
4XL TO FIT WAIST 130-137 CM 51-54"inch EUROPE 8 4XL
5XL TO FIT WAIST 140-147 CM 55-58"inch EUROPE 9 5XL
6XL TO FIT WAIST 150-158 CM 59-62"inch EUROPE 10 6XL
7XL TO FIT WAIST 160-168 CM 63-66"inch EUROPE 11 7XL
8XL TO FIT WAIST 170-183 CM 67-72"inch EUROPE 12 8XL

 Size Chart - Regular to Plus Size

Here at Michael Leigh, we know how difficult it can be to find clothing that fits perfectly. Especially if you’re a plus size male. It’s even harder to find something that’s comfortable and stylish. Most outlets will only address one of these issues. If you’ve had trouble in the past when purchasing shirts, suits, trousers and all casual wear – Look no further we are here.

This size chart page gives you a breakdown on every size we offer for chest, waist & neck sizes. If you come into our store, we provide a measuring  service. We’ll even make brand recommendations based on your specific size.

Menswear Sizes We Offer

You can purchase clothing in anything from a XL to an 8XL. This size chart will also tell you exactly how big each size is too. For example, an X-Large shirt fits those who have a 132cm chest size.

A XXL t-shirt is ideal for men who have a 18.5 inch neck. All the details are there, simply browse them at your leisure. Once you’ve determined both your chest and waist sizes, visit the ‘clothing’ page and use the filter system to only display items in your size. This can be done on any clothing page, whether it’s a type of clothing (t-shirt, suit, jeans) or a specific brand.